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We are a Radio Station that invites guests to our show and play lots of different types of music. We host online parties on Friday and Saturday nights ! We were also known to be heard in many pubs/clubs before lockdown. Since lockdown started we decided to move to being online.

We Play Variety Range of Music giving you

the Fresh Sound of Decade....

Click on the Radio tap to Tune in...



About DJSquirrell Radio


We Host Wide Range of  Music Event.

We are planning and to make Music fun by finding Supporters and Sponsors to help us fund our Radio Station and to be able to host Live Music Festival all year round.

Such as Summer Music Festival, Hallween Festival and ofcause Christmas Festival and completly own our own Camping Site.

We also would like to host people Brithday Party's & Wedding Party's and bring lot of joy to our community to bring everyone a such a good time. Don't you agree it something we need to brighten our world? I certaintly do.

Since Lockdown, and Price hiking up so much causing everyone to struggle to live on a low income, we thought we put our Radio Station together and help to promote artist song's.

We also Host Monday to Saturday Between 12PMtill 12AM on Twitch & Tiktok to make sure that everyone can see and to make it easyier for everyone to interact with us, we also do Song's Request when we are live.

if you want to be heard on our Radio Station please email us and we will review your Music and if we find it approval we will add them to our playlist. This could be any type of music aslong it isn't classical. We support Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Oldies, and mostly played Decade Music, Music no longer hear on the Radio.

We have our Own Twitter Page and Facebook Page and Tiktok and Twitch.

We are also on other platform to tune into an Radio App to support such as Apple Tv, Sono, ISO & Android Including Android TV's

News & Event

Latest News: 10/08/23

Wall of Frame was updated !!

latest News : 30/07/23

Ongoing working project in Progress !!

We are currently investing of buying a big land and buying loads of Static Caravans turning the site into a holiday homes.

But not just any Holiday homes.. We are building the biggest Holiday day home park where you can Escape and have fun involding with, Music festivals get to see your favourite Artist's, aswell we would have a Fun Park and a massive swimming pool, just think of the fun we could have if we build this... we need lots of positive thing's in life, so much with everything going on, and the world already in a dark place right? perhaps we could lighten it up and be able to embrace and have fun.

it will be such amazing place and i really do hope i build my dream but i can only build if you guys can support us !! 

This will be an ongoing project and will take years to come !! but i will not give up on my dreams


We added New Service's that you can now book online with us.

these New Service's such as, Be on our Show, Be on our Show is where you can make a podcast with us tell us anything you wish to share or have a story to share.

Host on our Radio Station.

your a DJ? or an Artist and you would like to host on our Radio station you can book in with us.


If you wanna be interview and have a talk about your Professnal feel free to book in with us.

Birthday Partys  Online Are Wild !!

DJ hits it of the decks leaving everyone dancing away on the dance floor celebrating your birthday with a birthday shout out and a many picks song's of your choice...

Wedding Party's Online

Wedding Partys are great when everything has fallen into place's and you got everything to celebrate with and dance with your love ones. we do hit of some great romance and dance music in any style country, pop, rock at any of your choice of liking.

Advertise With US !!

if you send is us your pre recorded advert we will play them on our Radio Station.

please check out the package in Advertsing and Subscribens service.

We also got A Subsription Service Silver, Bronze, Gold offering you our inclusive deal


We have added Event Page !!!

DJSquirrell Radio Halloween Special

31st of October 2023 at 12pm till 11:30pm (GMT) Times may varys,

we are hosting with The Team Extreme Paranormal Investergators (Check back later) on our Radio Station show also Hosting on Tiktok and Twitch interacting with other people on our live sharing our exsperince with the Team Exspert. So Don't Miss out your VIP Ticket to get the inclusive from our show....

Christmas Party 2023 online

22 December 2023 till  1st of janury2024

Massive Party online music drinks and lots of laughs and jokes non stop.  join in th quiz and gaming and so much more....

Tue, Oct 31

Live event on twitch

Please follow our Social Media page below.
And to watch our live and listen to our live Broadcast.

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